A Different Approach to Child Anxiety

Distress tolerance and emotional resilience are the essential muscles of emotional health. Often times by either solving the child’s problem themselves, removing the challenge, or becoming entangled in escalating emotions, caregivers have prevented children from exercising these muscles and prevented the growth and strengthening that comes with practice.

A Different Holiday Season

COVID is still here, changing our holidays, and thus our hearts. If I want to feel the joy and really be present, so I know I will need to feel the sadness too. Some things have to be different, and some things I choose to make different.

Delay of Launch

Moms of kids ready to launch into elementary school for the first time, this description seems on point for you. You have poured years of preparation into this. This little person was placed in your arms 4-5 years ago and was 100% dependent on you. You have taught them everything; supported them as they learned everything. You sacrificed so much in hopes of celebrating this launch. It is a hard and beautiful season that was winding down, and your emotions were equal parts ecstatic and weepy.

The Birth of Hope

Maybe the closeness of another allows us to learn what we need to learn in the dark in a way that isn’t so frightening. And maybe that is why Jesus’s birth and resurrection happen in the dark. Emmanuel, God with us, even in our darkness; especially in our darkness.

Holiday Thriving

My friend who is a reporter and mom of three asked me about tips for keeping your sanity over the holidays to share with her audience.  We emailed back and forth and she compiled the info and tips below.  And in an effort to take my own advice about doing less, I’m reusing it (withContinue reading “Holiday Thriving”

I’m here.

Being a mother is the best and hardest role many of us will ever take on.  Often we think of it as bringing out our best and worst, and we are either one or the other at any given moment.  Can we be both in the same moment?  My friend captured this picture of meContinue reading “I’m here.”

Mirror Mirror

I’ve had this conversation more times than I can count.  A friend’s  kid has had a really difficult day.  So many emotions, all at a level 10, all day long.  She expresses how completely worn out she is, usually followed by a comment about how she knows it’s typical behavior for a (insert age) yearContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

The Oak

When deciding to start a private practice, one of the first decisions was the logo.  Without hesitating I said, “An oak tree.  One with big branches and a wide canopy.”  I find inspiration in trees. There is a majesty and a connecting point that is deep. These old knotted trees seem wise to me.  WhenContinue reading “The Oak”

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