Protecting Your Information and Finances

Below you will find information on how my practice is compliant with federal law. It is very important to me that you feel safe and know that I take your confidentiality seriously. Here are some practical bullet points, but you can dig in to the entire policy as well. NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES THIS NOTICEContinue reading “Protecting Your Information and Finances”

A Different Approach to Child Anxiety

Distress tolerance and emotional resilience are the essential muscles of emotional health. Often times by either solving the child’s problem themselves, removing the challenge, or becoming entangled in escalating emotions, caregivers have prevented children from exercising these muscles and prevented the growth and strengthening that comes with practice.

Two Tips for Resolutions

It’s almost a New Year.  The changing of the calendar signals the end and the beginning.  Each person experiences this night in light of the experiences the year brought to him or her.  The long nights of this season are a natural time for slowing down and reflecting.  The plants let go of their leaves,Continue reading “Two Tips for Resolutions”