For Parents

If there was ever an area we all want to be successful in, it’s parenting. And while there is no official instruction manual, there does seem to be hundreds of books and infinite opinions. Whether you’ve tried one or many strategies to raise your kids, you’re bound to hit obstacles on the journey. At times these obstacles can be significant.

These can include:

Child with unique needs: You may have a child with a unique personality or particular set of needs.
·       The strategies that work for your other children or for other families aren’t working for this child.
·       You are stuck in a cycle of trying a new strategy with great hope, only to see your efforts be met with more problematic behaviors and more damage to the relationship, so you abandon the plan.
·       You want to connect but you are exhausted and maybe even resentful that it’s so hard.
With my background in cognitive behavior therapy and attachment styles, I can help you access your child’s needs and set structure and plans in place to support your relationship as well as their behavior and development.

Different parenting styles:·      

·       It can be frustrating when one parent feels like the other is undermining them by being overly permissive.
·       It can feel isolating when one parent cuts the other out of the decision-making process and general care of the children.
·       It can be unsettling when you believe your partner is too strict or harsh with your children.

You and your partner or spouse are different people with different personalities, who each came from different families with different ways of doing things. That’s quite a few differences right from the start. Therefore you’re bound to have different expectations, tendencies, and priorities when it comes to parenting your children.

To further complicate the situation, it’s confusing and stressful for children to bounce back and forth between two very different parenting styles.
By clarifying the common goals you have for your family, we can make a plan that brings the two of you together on the most important issues and allows flexibility on the minor issues, while respecting the individual strengths and personality of both partners.

Divorce: Even If your marriage didn’t work, you still have to parent together – a task that may prove difficult. Following a divorce, the greatest gift you can give your children is freedom to love both parents and home environments that align in the most critical areas. They also need you to be respectful to one another and provide them with consistency despite shifting between parents.
As a third party, I can be objective and help you stay focused on the goal you have for your family. Together, we can navigate between the priorities you need to stick to and the compromises it will take to achieve them.

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