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We so often describe ourselves in terms of the relationships we have and the roles we play. We are children of, friends, spouses, parents, partners, siblings, employees, leaders, and volunteers, to name a few.  What happens when, in the midst of it all, we somehow lose ourselves?  What happens when the people we invest in and the efforts we engage in fail to sustain us, or even worse, wound us? What do we do when our biology can’t keep up and depression and anxiety overwhelm us?  What does it say about us when the family we wanted of doesn’t work out, or we are drowning in the responsibility of it? How do we thrive when family and career pull us in different directions, and it seems we can never be enough for anyone?  How do we heal when events beyond our control have broken us in deep ways? How do we walk through grief when the pain of it is overwhelming?

We find ways to bring relief, and choose to be brave enough to begin the work of restoring ourselves. With a bit of reprieve, we have the energy to dive into our own stories, our own lives, and our own identities. We learn to sit in the tension of accepting our own imperfections and struggles, while intentionally working to improve them. We learn to choose our actions rather than being ruled by our reactions. We learn to be with those around us in more honest and real ways that are true to ourselves and to them. We learn to say “no” so that when we say “yes” it is genuine and purposeful. We value our whole self: mind, body and soul.
These times can seem overwhelming, but they can be an opportunity to dive in deep. I can help you look into that struggle and hold the tension, and in doing so find that there is light. This work is hard, you are worth it. You are braver and stronger than you think.

Therapy can also be an important part of self-care.  With intentional time to examine your choices, tendencies, and priorities, you can be more.  If you have a sense that there is better version of you, one with more laughter, more peace, more honesty, then therapy can be an important tool.

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