For Teens

Are you a parent looking for help for your teen?
The transition from being a child to adulthood has always been difficult. While we hope that our kids have more support and better resources to navigate this stage than we did, it is clear that today’s teens are under more pressure with less support than in previous generations. The measures for anxiety, depression, and overall stress for teens tell us something big is going on and it isn’t just your child.
The reality is that adolescents are experiencing rapid brain growth and development which means they actually change from one day to the next. Their motivations and priorities shift in significant ways, affecting the way they make decisions and experience relationships. This process can be confusing and frustrating for them as well as for those closest to them.
I help teens get to know and understand themselves so that they can find a place to belong, not simply a place to fit in. I introduce practical skills to help them not just survive, but thrive. Through clear instruction and practice they can learn to recognize and control their impulses. They also need skills to recognize and tolerate intense negative emotions that flare unexpectedly. And they need support and cooperation as they learn to communicate as an adult, navigate conflict, and build mature relationships.

Are you a teenager? 
If so, I’m glad you found this! If you are looking for counseling services for yourself, I think that is both mature and proactive on your part and a step in a positive direction. If you are reading this, then that also means things aren’t going well for you, and for that I am sorry.  First of all, I assure you that it isn’t just you.  In my career, I have worked with thousands of teens in the Atlanta area.  It’s rough out there.  I hope that your parent or guardian knows you are struggling, but if not, you have to tell them.  Not sure how to do that? Say it in your own way. Then, give them the information they need so that they know you are serious, tell them you want to talk to a professional, and ask them to help you get an appointment.

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